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26 April 2016 Do Nigeria’s big corporate fines signal the end of ‘anything goes’ in Africa?

The recent sustained attention given to the economic performance of Africa is a sharp departure from the usual negative and patronising representation of the continent in the global media

By Kenneth In Lab
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As partners on your journey to a sustainable future, we help explore new opportunities, mitigate sustainability risks and eliminate them where possible.

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We work with organisations in the broad area of environmental, social, and governance sustainability for positive impact.

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We are a hub for research outputs in economic, social and governance related themes for individuals and organisations.


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A hub for Research Outputs

Economic, social and governance related solutions

Whether it is to improve your knowledge as an individual or organisation; or simply curating material for academic endeavor, we uphold life-long learning as a virtue for professionals.

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20 Oct 2015 Why Africa needs capitalism that is aligned with its development needs

Africans have long engaged in capitalist economic transactions. But the type of capitalism introduced by colonialists has not always been aligned with the needs of Africans.

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Sustainability requires collective actions for significant impacts

We are providing solutions for each of the SDG goals by volunteering as the secretariat for these collaborative efforts, facilitating the evolution of their ideas, and helping them to implement and track progress.

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30 Aug 2017 COVID-19 and philanthropy in Africa: a stitch in time?

Globally, there are concerted efforts by the private sector to find creative ways of contributing to tackling the pandemic.

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